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Arrangements with * indicate that it has been written
up and clarified in the From Students section

10ths and Contrary Motion or Stationary Voices download PDF
10ths and Inner Pedal download PDF
Baroque Chord Progressions – Contrapuntal Style, Part 1 download PDF
Baroque Chord Progressions – Contrapuntal Style, Part 2 download PDF
Baroque Counterpoint: Top 2 Strings (mainly) download PDF
Baroque Counterpoint and the Guitar Fingerboard download PDF
Baroque Counterpoint: Cycle of 4ths - 2 Bass Notes per Chord download PDF
Baroque Counterpoint (2 Voices Yielding 3 via Ties) download PDF
Baroque Counterpoint – Application of 1-to-1 Counterpoint download PDF
Beginning Counterpoint, 2-Voice I-IV-V download PDF
Baroque Melodic Tendencies – Organized over Basses download PDF
Baroque Minor Key Cycle of 4ths download PDF
Baroque Modulation or Secondary Chord “Openers” download PDF
Baroque Progressions Using 1st Inversion Triads download PDF
Baroque Tonality – Inspired by George Van Eps download PDF
Cadences download PDF
Cadential Bass Formulas download PDF
Catalogue of Common Baroque Harmonies and Their Progressions download PDF
Counterpoint Based on Harmonic Intervals from Bass download PDF
Counterpoint – Focusing on 3rds with 3, 4, & 5 of Key in Soprano download PDF
Counterpoint Exercises Focusing on Bass in Motion download PDF
Counterpoint Exercises – Lower Voice Movement download PDF
Counterpoint Exercises - Major Key_p1 (02-10-78 & 06-28-78) download PDF
Counterpoint Exercises – Imitation download PDF
Counterpoint Exercises - Major Key_p2 (06-27-78 & 08-16-78) download PDF
Counterpoint Exercises – Motion in Alternating Voices download PDF
Counterpoint Exercises - 2-to-1 (1978-02-24) download PDF
Counterpoint Studies – Bass Movement download PDF
Diatonic Chord Progressions, Short Phrases to Illustrate download PDF
George Van Eps-ish Counterpoint download PDF
Harmonic Patterns (1973) download PDF
Harmonic Patterns (1976) download PDF
Harmonic Patterns (1978) download PDF
Harmonic Patterns Using Root Position Close Triads download PDF
Intervals Used in Implied Major Triads download PDF
Melody and Harmony Relationships in Minor Keys download PDF
Modern Counterpoint Studies download PDF
Modulation (part 1) download PDF
Modulation (part 2) download PDF
Modulation (part 3) download PDF
Modulation (parts 4 & 5) download PDF
Neo-Baroque Ascending Diatonic Bass Progressions download PDF
Neo-Baroque Contrapuntal Harmony, 1990-09-14 download PDF
Neo-Baroque Descending Bass Progressions download PDF
Neo-Baroque Light Colors: Diatonic Major Key download PDF
Some of the Most Common Chord Progs_Baroque Major Harmony download PDF
Some Ways to Make Music with Triad Chord Scales download PDF
Structures download PDF
Summary and Bass View of Baroque Harmony download PDF
Summary of Diatonic Chord Progressions in Baroque Harmony download PDF
Top-End Open Triad Diatonic Cycle of 4ths download PDF




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