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December 2006 NEWSLETTER

Dec. 21, 2006
Warm Seasonal Greetings to All
First a heart-felt "thank you" for all the contributions to the Forum Section which continues to reflect the spirit of sharing. Slowly we will begin to post material in the music sections. A selection from two or more categories will appear monthly. I reiterate "slowly" as the material usually requires a considerable amount of time to grasp .

Ted Greene was an extraordinary being (as most of you know), and possessed the capacity to develop, formulate, analyze and retain much more information (musical & otherwise) than is common for most of us merely mortal beings. Therefore, please take that into consideration when working with the material. As Ted would suggest to his students, find out what you love and work on that until you feel satisfied you have accomplished the goals you've aspired to in that area. No one can be "great" at all things. Choose carefully that one area which you love, work hard and therein lies the potential for success.

This explanation is hoped to give you some perspective. Please do not try to digest too much at once, for you will surely become daunted and discouraged. Ted knew this and was quite judicious regarding handing out written material to his students. His insights into teaching are a result of years of experience and experimentation, thus I am attempting to follow his manner accordingly.

You will find new material in the Lessons Section under both:



P.S. incidentally, there is currently enough lesson material in the Forums for years of study, how many of you are aware of that?

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October 2006 NEWSLETTER
OCT. 2, 2006

Greetings, 'Tis been a while since the last up-date. Thanks to all of you for sticking with us during the "downs" & "ups" & "downs" & "ups" over the summer months.

First of all, regarding the DVDs & CDs: There were only about 100 requests for the initial package. Hence, that is all that were made. They are dwindling faster now, but there are still some available. However, the main goal here is to provide this package for everyone that wants one, so please continue to send SASE's. All requests will be honored until the end of October.

Hopefully by that time we can begin to compile requests for a second package of DVDs & CDs using the same procedure. The second mailing will be the final one from me & will include Pt. 2 of the Musicians Institute Seminar, plus the rest of what I have available.

REGARDING THE WEBSITE ITSELF: It is now in a new developmental stage, as we are in the process of considering what would be a more suitable format, structure etc. When this happens you all will know because you'll simply notice the changes. Once again we ask for your patience.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a new lesson from Ted's student Mark Thornbury, this can be found on the home page under FROM THE STUDENTS. Hope it's helpful & enjoyable. One last item: if there is an area of Ted's studies you are particularly interested in, please place a post in the Forums under General Topics and we will try to accommodate as many as possible.

Thanks again, The TedGreene.com team

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