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In this section we'll be listing what is known about Ted's guitars and amps, including serial numbers and detailed descriptions when available. If you'd like to share some information please contact us.

List of Ted’s Guitars by “Personal Name”


Banana Crème 1954 Esquire
Egg 1976 Tele
Lala 1953 Tele
Lucky 1951 Tele
Lulu 1952 Tele
Mambo 1964/65 Jazzmaster


Bernice 1961 SB ES330 TD
Cherima 1960's Cherryburst ES125 TCD
Goldie 1952 Gold Top Les Paul
The Lady 1960 SB ES5 Switchmaster
Lucia 1970 Blond ES175 D
Stella 1966 Red ES330 TCD


Amber 1985 Blond X170
Aphrodite 1977 Blond Artist Award
Bettina 1954 Blond Spruce X375
Brandy 1960/61 SB CE100 DP Special
Camille 1963 Red Starfire II
Carmine 1969 Burgundy Cherry Duane Eddy 400
Chubby 1958 SB X350
Daisy 1960s SB M65 3/4
Danette 1958 SB X175
Deedee 1968 SB M75 Bluesbird
Desiree 1958 SB X350
Duena 1966 SB Duane Eddy 400
Francesca 1955 SB M75 Aristocrat
Gigi 1961 SB X500
Gina 1976 Blond X500
Granny 1959 SB X50 Granada
Lucia 1965 Blond X175
Mona 1961 Ebony Starfire II
Luscious 1956 Blond X550
Regina 1969/70 Blond CE100 D (now owned by Tim Lerch)
Ruby 1960s Cinnamon Red Starfire II
Sandy 1972 Blond T100 D
Sadie 1970s SB T100 D
Savannah 1957 SB X150 Savoy
Smokey 1970 SB X175
Toby 1962 SB T100 D


Carmelita 1960s D’Angelico copy
Donna 1960s Blond Ibanez L5 copy
Hazel 1963 SB Gretsch Tennessian
Venus 1990s SB Samick L5 copy
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