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Ted didn't record as much as most of his admirers would like, but, as we're discovering, it was more than many of us were aware of. Listed below are the studio recordings we're currently aware of. If there are others, please please let us know.

1968 Joe Byrd and The Field Hippies: The American Metaphysical Circus
Lists Ted as playing on the album
1977 Solo Guitar - Professional Music Products (PMP)
(Re-mastered and Re-released on CD from Art of Life Records)
Liner Notes, Song Info and Credits
1978 Jazz - Ry Cooder - Warner K56488 - Ted helped with the arrangements.

1977-78? The Dumplings - Ted Greene - guitar, Shelley Manne- drums, Chuck Berghoffer- Bass - unreleased (Universal?)
1980 ? Robert Altman's movie "Health" - Ted told Leon White he played on the score, but most was edited out. Not confirmed

1995 John Pisano “Among Friends” CD
8.) “Over The Rainbow”
9.) “The Touch of Your Lips”
1997 John Pisano “Conversation Pieces” CD
8.) “Body and Soul”
9.) “When I Fall in Love”
2002 Will Ray “Mojo Blues” CD
Ted plays on the track “Holy Smokes” with some of those close, steel 6th type voicings mentioned in the Nov 2005 Guitar Player magazine article. The play-out is especially fun.

? ? Anne Murray Holiday Album - for Hallmark - Ted mentioned this in regards to a classical guitar he owned. Not confirmed.

2002 Art City: Simplicity DVD (2002) a Twelve Films production
Produced by Chris Maybach & Paul Gardner.  Original score by Ted Greene. Excerpts taken from "Ted Greene Solo Guitar Improvisations" recording.
Available on YouTube 

2005 Richard Tuttle - Never Not An Artist (DVD) From TWELVE FILMS - produced by Chris Maybch - (Film Score)

2007 John Pisano's Guitar Night 2 CD Set from Mel Bay Records Disc 1, 5.)
"When Sunny Gets Blue"

2007 “Ted Greene Remembered” CD - 13 tracks by top artists paying tribute to Ted:
1) Tommy Emmanuel, 2) Laurence Juber, 3) Lee Ritenour, 4) Dan Sawyer, 5) Mark Goldenberg, 6) Anthony Wilson, 7) John Pisano & Ted Greene playing “Theo’s Rhythm ‘n’ Blues”, 8) Jay Graydon, 9) Phil de Gruy, 10) Steve Ferguson, 11) George Wilson, 12) Stephen Bruton, and 13) Tom Bocci & Ted Greene playing “Gratitude.”

Available from www.eldoradorecords.net

 Click here to download - Ted Greene Remembered” CD Booklet

2014 “Never Forgotten” DVD/CD. Cathy Segal-Garcia & Ted Greene.
A documentary: Live at Rocco’s in Los Angeles, CA, 2000, plus live audio recordings from 1978 at G.I.T and 1998 at Papashon Restaurant in Encino, CA.
Never Forgotten album notes by Cathy.



Many students around the world met Ted through his books listed below:

Chord Chemistry (1971)

Modern Chord Progressions(1976)

Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing Volume 1 (1978)

Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing Volume 2 (1978)

Ted also had one guitar arrangement published, The Theme from E.T. (The Steven Spielberg Film), which was over 6 pages long, rather challenging, and very beautiful.



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