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We’d like to make a list of all of Ted’s seminars. Help us add to the list via the contact page.

1978 GIT Seminar
Given at the first G.I.T. building at 5858 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, CA. [Ted gave two seminars this day with Cathy Segal-Garcia to the students and faculty. An audio recording of one of these can be found in our AUDIO section as well on the DVD/CDNever Forgotten.”  See Set List.
3/4/79 GIT (now MI) Seminar
3/7/79 USC Master Class
10/16/79 USC SEMINAR
11/28/79 USC SEMINAR
3/14/80 GIT Seminar
7/5/91 Scripps College Nat’l Summer Guitar Workshop
7/14/91 Claremont Nat’l Summer Guitar Workshop
6/6/93 MI Hollywood Seminar (see video clips)
7/4/94 Claremont College Master Class
6/27/99 Boulevard Music Culver City seminar
8/6/99 Los Angeles Music Academy Pasadena Master Class
8/13/00 Sam Ash Music Hollywood seminar
1/30/01 USC Seminar
5/27/01 Sam Ash Music - Seminar
7/29/01 Sam Ash Music - Seminar
7/14/02 CALIF VINTAGE GUITAR Seminar - Sherman Oaks
12/14/02 CALIF VINTAGE GUITAR Seminar - Sherman Oaks
5/18/03 CALIF VINTAGE GUITAR Seminar - Sherman Oaks
10/26/03 MI Hollywood seminar
12/14/03 CALIF VINTAGE GUITAR Seminar - Sherman Oaks
4/13/04 MI Hollywood seminar
5/11/04 MI Hollywood seminar
6/10/04 MI Hollywood seminar
8/08/04 CALIF VINTAGE GUITAR seminar (see video clips)
8/22/04 Blvd. Music Seminar
5/17/05 MI Hollywood
5/22/05 Blvd. Music – Seminar


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