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by Bob Holt

One of the great things about studying with Ted was how he would take an example and spin it to more fully explore the neck. One of his methods was the concept called String Transference. If I remember correctly, the formula was: any chord form on a string set can be moved up an adjacent string set by raising the second string's pitch one-half step. Let's try it with the first chord in the "Simply Ted" example. *note : a string set is a group of strings containing the notes of a chord. The first chord of Simply Ted is on string set 6,4,3,2

Conversely, if you wish to move a chord form down a string set the formula is: any chord form on a given string set can be moved down a string set by lowering the third string one-half step.

Using String Transference you will return to the first chord of the Simply Ted example.

So great, what does this all mean? Well, by the use of String Transference you can take a chord or a progression you know in one area of the neck and easily move it to another. Here's the "Simply Ted" progression moved up a string set.

These examples are intended for those of you unfamiliar with Ted nomenclature. Ted was particular in his use of words to describe subjects. I assure you he does a much better job of it than I do. Keep your eyes open for the String Transference sheets when they are uploaded. They can help you take something you know and get more mileage out of it.

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