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Ted Greene Arrangement - January 24, 1985
Compilation pages by Fabius

Ted's Original Lesson sheets

My compilation page, changes and comparisons
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Notes -
Here is a compilation of Ted’s arrangement of the Beatles’ Yesterday. Ted wrote this out in 1985 and it was intended for “Level 1” chord-melody students. It’s pretty easy to play and shouldn’t pose many or any obstacles for most Ted Greene students. Originally written in the key of F, Ted decided to move it into E in order to utilize some open strings and perhaps to give it a fresh sound.

Check out this link (middle of the page) to see the similarities between Georgia and Yesterday.

At the Bridge, Ted wrote: “Use a ‘rippling’ rt. hand in the Bridge as you did in the verse(s).” Here he’s asking the player to use right hand arpeggio type techniques in order to fill in the places where the melody lasts 2 or more beats (such as the first measure).

There are a few places where Ted wrote “twice” inside a chord diagram, indicating that certain notes are to be repeated (see measures #1, 3, and 4).

In measure #3, Ted wrote on the C#m\9 chord, “Twice, then back to à”

In measure #4, on the Amaj7 chord he drew a line to the G# note and wrote, “or A” – giving you the option to play it either as a major 7 chord or just a straight major chord.

In measure #5, for the Am6 chord, Ted wrote, “Quick to à” – meaning to play that chord quickly.

This song has an A-A-B-A-B-A-Tag form. The last A section is identical to the first one. In Ted’s original diagram he wrote some navigation instructions which are now unnecessary here. In order to line up the chords to the sheet music, the A section was duplicated.

Everything else is pretty self-explanatory so you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

Hope this helps in learning to play Ted’s arrangement of this classic Beatles song.

Vive Ted!

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