Our Gift to Supporters of TedGreene.com  

We’ve partnered with the folks at Six String Logic to make available the very useful Trail Guide to Chord Chemistry, Your Essential Road Map to Understanding Ted Greene’s Book by Leon White, to our supporters of TedGreene.com.

The Trail Guide can help you get more out of Chord Chemisty faster. It contains...

  • Descriptions of each chapter (section)
  • Analysis of how to use the book
  • Suggested "trails" through the book
  • A grid version of one of the chord melody examples
  • Photos of some of Ted's less well-known guitars

The guide is short, easy to read, and can help you find your way through the book.

This gift is our way of saying thanks for your support in the effort to keep the Legacy of Ted Greene alive for generations to come. We depend on your contributions to make that happen.

You can get your copy of this 32-page Trail Guide, by clicking the button below. You’ll be asked for name and email address to validate and deliver your download link.


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