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  NAMM Show, Anaheim CA 1999-01-30


[ From Barbara Franklin’s Book:
My Life with The Chord Chemist A Memoir of Ted Greene, Apotheosis of Solo Guitar Available at amazon.com ]

The days sailed by and the event-filled weekend was soon upon us. Ted had a very full schedule. Friday night he would be giving a seminar at Papashon. Saturday day he would be playing for Fender/Guild at the NAMM show,and Saturday night at Papashon he was participating in the George Van Eps Tribute.

On Saturday Ted played at the NAMM show most of the day… About his day of playing at the NAMM show, Ted wrote, “Saturday, JAN. 30 NAMM SHOW Play for Guild, Fender & DeArmond. The Duane Eddy & my prayer to make others happy really came through today! Drive Betsy, I bring the Duane Eddy (tuned down to Db) and Savannah (‘57 X-150, stay in trunk). I begin like an hour & a half early and play for most of the next 4 to 5 hours!!! Great to be able to play soulfully for all these people.The Duane Eddy through a ‘65 Twin Reverb reissue really turned me on & I may never have played with more feeling & daring.”

What a weekend for Ted! He told me the NAMM show was a major highlight in his life. He admitted to playing brilliantly there (a rare admission from him) and it thrilled me that hundreds of people experienced the epitome of that brilliance. The atmosphere (his booth), the amp (twin reverb) was conducive to his achieving the sound he wanted and loved, and he felt comfortable. Now, of course I wish I’d been there to share that, but mainly I was so incredibly happy that it happened for him.

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