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  George Van Eps Tribute Papashon Restaurant, Encino, CA (Saturday evening) 1999-01-30


[ From Barbara Franklin’s Book:
My Life with The Chord Chemist A Memoir of Ted Greene, Apotheosis of Solo Guitar Available at amazon.com ]

Ted had a very full schedule. Friday night he would be giving a seminar at Papashon. Saturday day he would be playing for Fender/Guild atthe NAMM show, and Saturday night at Papashon he was participating in the George Van Eps Tribute…

Ted mentioned to me that he would understand if I didn’t feel like going to the George Van Eps Tribute as it would be very crowded and would begin at a late hour. But Saturday evening there was no question about going to support Ted, I loved him and wanted to be there for him. It was that simple. When I arrived it was so crowded! William Perry and Andrea spotted me; I waited with them and fortuitously they’d reserved a table. The tribute didn’t even get started until close to 11 pm. All the performers were situated in a small waiting room near the stage. I sensed Ted was uncomfortable just glancing at him through the glass in the waiting room. It was a while before he even noticed I’d come.

When it was time for him to play he stunned the crowd with exquisite renditions of 1) Embraceable You, 2) One For My Baby, 3) Girl with theFlaxen Hair. The crowd went crazy. Afterwards he went back into the glass “waiting room” for a while before he joined us. He greeted me with a warm, loving kiss and I think a sense of relief. We sat and listened; everyone who played that night was great. The show lasted until 1:00 a.m. Ted had gone back into the waiting room and was surrounded by admirers. I felt so proud of him, so moved by everyone’s reverence for him. Here are his thoughts from the tribute,

“Saturday night, Papashon - George Van Eps Tribute Night andConcert. Surprise: Barbara attending! Also attending: George’s daughter Kay, George’s grandson, Scott (Scott’s Lullaby) who tells me that I was likely his grandfather’s favorite pupil, such a heart warming thing. Howard Alden (he sounded JUST like George up there!). I chat with audience, reminisce about George & play ‘Embraceable You’ “One for my Baby’ (on the Duane Eddy). Kay tells me later that “Embraceable You” was her mom and dad’s song!!! ‘Girl with the Flaxen Hair’ on my ‘54 Banana Crème Esquire.”

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