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Ted’s Arrangement, with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheet
Very Early_TedGreene_Arrangement

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons

Here is a compilation of Ted's grid boxes with the The Real Book chart for Bill Evan's beautiful tune, "Very Early".

In most cases Ted's chord boxes tell the whole story as far as melody, bass lines, sustained notes, fingerings, etc. However, there are a few spots in "Very Early" that Ted left incomplete or omitted entirely. Perhaps that was done for the student to finish as homework. Also, Ted didn't write the chord's names ("flavors" as he called them), but just the root name. So again, that might have been left for the student to write in.

I added my suggestions for the 1st and 2nd endings of the A section, which Ted left simply as "G." The whole-tone chord move is, I believe, in the spirit of what Bill Evans used to play at that point, and perhaps what Ted would have done.


-- Paul

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