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Ted’s Arrangement (Aug 11, 1980) with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheets

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons

Ted’s arrangement for Moonglow was designed for “Intermediate” level solo guitar.   It’s somewhat of an outline format–meaning that you need to follow the music notation so that you play the melody correctly.  Not all of the melody notes are mapped out in the grid diagrams (although most of it is).  In a number of places he wrote for the student to “Fill” – which usually means applying some kind of right hand arpeggio rolls, etc. 

This arrangement is rather self explanatory, and doesn’t really require much additional comments.  I’ve added the basic changes so you can see the original progression and compare it to how Ted’s treatement.  One passage that I like is the descending dominant chords in the first two measures of the Bridge:  instead of just moving the same form down in half-steps, Ted switched it up with root-position and 7th in the bass forms.  Nice.

Please notice that the written melody in the sixth measure of the Bridge (C#, E, G, B) is different from what Ted wrote on his diagrams.  This is a nice variation, but you may wish to play some different chord forms if you want to play the melody “as written” also.



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