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Ted Greene Comping Study - April 1, 2003 & undated
Compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheets

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons

Ted wrote up two separate comping study pages for “I Got Rhythm”—one for the A section and another for the B or “Bridge” section.  I’ve combined both of these studies onto one of my “compilation” pages.  Ted referred to these comping pages during his California Vintage Guitar Seminar on May 18, 2003. Please watch these video clips located here on the TedGreene.com website (also available on YouTube).

I utilized a lead sheet format with the “standard” chord changes as a reference.  For the A section Ted wrote out only one version (except 4 optional chords for the first two measures.  On the Bridge section he made three versions, which I stacked above one another.  I tried to space them according to their rhythmic placement in the bars, as indicated by Ted’s slash marks.  On Ted’s Bridge page he wrote, “Anticipates & such are necessary to bring these to life”—so once you’ve learned the chord moves you should feel free to play around with the rhythms and break up the chords with “delay,” arpeggios and “right hand rolls” as Ted often suggested.

None of the chords are difficult to play so I have no comments or suggestions to offer.  However, just to clarify:  for the F7(b9) in the second measure of the A section (alternate version) Ted provided an optional voicing which includes a C# and an E note (the unfilled dots).  If you play these notes instead of the D# and Gb notes, then the chord becomes a Bb dim. (major 9).  Ted wrote “i o Δ 9” to indicate a “one” diminished chord with an added natural 7th and 9th.

For most of the chord diagrams Ted wrote only the letter name of the chord.  The chord quality was left for the student to write in.  I’ve taken the liberty to add those in red.  The Eb/9 in measure 6 of the A section was unnamed and no fret number given.  I believe Ted intended this to be as I’ve marked.  Another possibility would be at the first fret, making it an Eb9/11 chord (or Db/Eb), but this just doesn’t sound right to my ears in the flow of the progression. 

I hope these pages help you to add a few new chord moves to your comping bag of tricks. 



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