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Ted Greene Arrangement June 1, 1977. Updated on June 14,1979
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Bluesette is a well-loved jazz standard written and recorded by Toot’s Thielemans in 1962.  Lyrics were later added by Norman Gimbel.  There’s a short version and an extended version of this song.  Ted’s 1977 arrangement is the short version and is what he called a “Basic Outline”—meaning, that he provided the chord forms only; the melody line needs to be added by the player.  In addition, one is expected to add a certain amount of right-hand fills or “delays” to punctuate the arrangement and bring it to life. 

To make this piece easier to follow I’ve added the missing melody notes to Ted’s chord diagrams (using his playing order of dot, X, square, and triangle) in red ink.  At the end of his arrangement Ted wrote, “To turnaround” but didn’t provide the chords.  I’ve taken the liberty to add suggested voicings to the turnaround.

This is a fairly easy chord-melody arrangement and requires no additional comments.  It’s a great piece for those new to solo guitar playing.  Ted also wrote up an “advanced” version of the extended version of this song which will also be posted on the TedGreene.com website.



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