Ted Greene "George Van Eps Interview" - circa 1981  
We have rare recordings of Ted Greene interviewing George Van Eps for the August 1981 issue of Guitar Player magazine.  The entire interview with George was taped by Ted, which he later used as a reference when he wrote the article.  We are presenting both the audio (in several parts) and the actual magazine article in total.

These very informative audio CD's (4 Disks) also offer candid, warm and casual conversation between two maestros and friends.

- Download Individual Interview Segments -
Disk 1: Part 1 (running time 22:38) download
Disk 1: Part 2 (running time 23:41) download
Disk 2: Part 1 (running time 22:33) download
Disk 2: Part 2 (running time 23:36) download
Disk 3: Part 1 (running time 22:33) download
Disk 3: Part 2 (running time 23:38) download
Disk 4: Part 1 (running time 22:20) download
Disk 4: Part 2 (running time 24:10) download
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