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Voicing System -
Combined groups

4-Note Voicings for Am11 noR,5 download PDF
V-1 & V-2 Dom.7th Type Chords-Root on Top, V7 Function download PDF
V-2, V-4, and V-5 Voicing Groups Unified by the Soprano Tone download PDF
V-3 with V-2 - Chord Tone Swap, 1989-07-29 download PDF
V-1, V-2, V-3 - Major Type Chords on the Top 4 Strings download PDF
V-8 and V-9, Seven Basic Qualities and their Systematic Inversions Worksheet download PDF
i7-V7-I Studies Mixing V-1 and V-2, 1987-08-29 download PDF
4-Note A13b9 noR,5 All Voicing Groups download PDF
4-Note Voicings for Am11 noR,5 download PDF
4-Note Voicings for Cmin-maj9 no5 download PDF
Resolution of Dom. Type Extensions, V-2 & V-1 Adjusted Voicings download PDF


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