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  When Sunny Gets Blue  

Ted’s Arrangement, with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheets

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons

Solo Guitar
Here is Ted's version of When Sunny Gets Blue arranged for solo guitar in outline format (meaning that you have to add the missing melody notes and other fills), combined with standard notation and changes from the Real Book, plus the lyrics. (You can find Ted's original page in the "Tunes" section of this website.) On some of the chord grid boxes Ted shows the moving melody with his x marks, other chords have none even though there is a melody line for that chord. Just follow the standard notation under each chord box and work out a fingering that fits your hands. Ted would probably encourage you to finger the chords in a manner that allows the chord to sustain while the melody moves (as much as possible).

Written by Marvin Fisher, with lyrics by Jack Segal, it was originally in the key of F. Ted wrote his version in Eb, which he considered to be a softer, warmer key. The page is rather straightforward and doesn't require any additional comments. It was kept in Ted's file as an "easier level" arrangement, so it should be relatively quick to learn and add to your repertoire of solo guitar pieces.

Accompaniment Study
Also included here is an accompaniment study for When Sunny Gets Blue, in the key of C. Ted intended that each chord get one beat. There are a few spots where he has a moving line on the chord, but most are played as straight quarter notes. It sounds best when played evenly with a moderate tempo (not too slowly). The quicker it is played, the easier it is to hear the melody that the chords create. He wrote at the top of the page: "Reg. & double-time feel by adding 1 bass note between most every change."


-- Paul

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