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  Walkin' with Wes #3  

Ted Greene Blues Study - 2001
Compilation pages with notation by P. Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheet
Ted Greene_WalkinWithWes3.pdf

My compilation page, changes and comparisons
Ted Greene_WalkinWithWes3_notation_grids.pdf

Ted wrote this blues study as another tribute to Wes Montgomery, based upon Walkin’ With Wes, this time in the key of Eb.  On Ted’s original page he only completed the first 6 measures, leaving the rest to be completed by the student.  I took the liberty to fill in the last half based on the chord progression that Ted used in his Walkin’ With Wes #2 page.  I tried to stay faithful to the chord progression and his chord flavors.  Please feel free to disregard my suggestions and add your own version.

Ted wrote in the margins of his page:  “Learn as a [dotted-quarter note – sixteenth note] rhythmic figure ala Wes.  Then optionally, add a groovy walking bass.”

This is a fairly easy page that you’ll have fun with.  As with the Walkin’ With Wes #2 page, learn it straight first then break up the chord punches to create some rhythmic interest. 


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