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  Walkin' with Wes #2  

Ted Greene Blues Study - undated
Compilation pages with notation by P. Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheet
Ted Greene_WalkinWithWes2.pdf

My compilation page, changes and comparisons
Ted Greene_WalkinWithWes2_notation_grids.pdf

Ted wrote this blues study as a tribute to Wes Montgomery, based upon Walkin’ With Wes.  He used a rather rare grid sheet for this tune to write out the chord diagrams.  Each gird spans 19 frets, allowing a full view of the fretboard.  Based on the date of the grid sheet (Carl Fischer, 1993) this arrangement must have been written in the 1990’s or later.  For my compilation pages I obviously cut down the grids to a regular size.

Ted used an open circle to indicate root notes of the chord, usually in the bass.  You can add these if you choose.  For the E7(#9) in measure 8 you might like the open E on the sixth string.  Similarly, for measures 9-10, try the open 5th string A and the open 4th string D. 

Measure 12 offers two options for the Ebmaj7.  Play one chord or the other, not both.  In addition Ted suggests the optional bass notes of Bb and Eb for both of those Ebmaj7 chords—play either one or both notes together. 

Learn the changes with sustaining the chords as written, then when you feel more comfortable add a walking bass line and break up the rhythmic punches of the chords.  It will really bring it to life.


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