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  There Will Never Be Another You  

Ted’s Arrangement, with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheet

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons

Here's a compilation of Ted's grid boxes with standard notation for his arrangement of "There Will Never Be Another You", It was posted for the July 2008 Newsletter.

This song was written in 1942 and was originally in the key of Eb. Of course us guitar players like keys that we can play open strings ;-) so Ted wrote this solo guitar arrangement in the key of E. On his original handout Ted did not write in the chord names, just the letter name of the chord - the chord quality and color was left for the student to write. I took the liberty to add the full chord name below the grid box in red ink. The chords just above the melody are the original basic changes.

You'll also notice that on page 1, 3rd measure from the end, I added a red dot for a melody note that Ted left out on the C#7 chord - perhaps on purpose. Ignore it if you wish. Also, the chord name of the "B/E" chord in the eighth measure on page 2 was not included. I'm not sure exactly what Ted intended here.

-- Paul

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