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Ted’s Arrangement, with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheets

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons

Here is a compilation of the June 2008 monthly Ted Greene arrangement, supplied by Barbara - "Shiny Stockings."

There's actually 2 versions that Ted wrote up. The tune was originally in the key of Ab, and Ted first made a rather advanced arrangement of it in the key of D on September 2nd, 1977. Most of that version occurs above the 12th fret, which can be somewhat challenging for some fingers and for guitars without a cutaway. The arrangement has some pretty advanced re-harmonization. At the end of the page Ted wrote, "Write a version in a lower octave of the whole song."

Then a few weeks later on October 12, 1977, Ted wrote up a simpler, "Level 1" version of "Shiny Stockings" in the key of F. I'm including a compilation of that arrangement also, as well as the standard lead-sheet in Ab from the Real Book 2.

Both arrangements are pretty straightforward and don't require many comments, other than that fact that in the 9/2/77 version Ted took slight liberty with the melody in a couple of places - very subtle variations which I've notated in the compilation pages.

Also, Ted's navigation marks with the Coda were removed in the compilation, because they were unnecessary with the use of repeat markers and 1st & 2nd ending lines. The pickup chord in the 9/2/77 was repeated at the end of the 1st ending, as was intended in Ted's directions. There are 3 optional "2nd endings" to the 9/2/77 arrangement.

You'll notice that Ted used red ink for his chord gird boxes in these pages. I guess this was his "red period" ;-)

-- Paul

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