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  Secret Love  

Ted Greene Arrangement - September 12, 1974


"Secret Love" was a very popular song written in 1953 with music by Sammy Fain and lyrics by Paul Francis Webster. It was first performed in the film Calamity Jane by Doris Day and it received the 1953 Academy Award for Best Original Song. Doris Day also recorded the best-selling record of the song, which reached #1 on both the Billboard and Cash Box charts in 1954. Ted’s intermediate level arrangement of this song shouldn’t pose too many challenges. Ted liked this sweet old song, and I think you will too.

Ted’s original page and my compilation pages are pretty self-explanatory, and most of you guys don’t need any advice for fingerings, etc. Nevertheless below I’ve made a few comments that might prove helpful.

Measure 1:       The trick for the E/9 to B7 is to keep the F# note ringing. Try a barre with your little finger then roll it off the top string to catch the A note. I find this tough to do cleanly. Ted was a master at these kinds of moves.

Measure 6:       Interesting that Ted names this a G#m/E. Why not simply Emaj7?

Measure 9:       Finger the Amaj7#11 as: 2,2,3 then lift 3 to get the C# and G# with fingers 1 and 4.

Measure 22:     For the B, finger as 2,1,4 then add finger 3 for the X note. It’s also possible to finger as 2,1,3 then add finger 4 for the X.

Measure 27:     On the E chord, get the X by rolling finger 3 down.

Measure 30:     On the C#7 chord arpeggiate or do splits any way you want, but save the top C# note for the last beat.

Measure 32:     Once you do a full barre on the B7/6 chord you can keep your first finger down through the next three chords.



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