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  Our Love is Here to Stay - Comping Study  

Ted Greene Comping Study, August 23, 1991 by Paul Vachon

Attached are Ted's two original comping study sheets for Our Love is Here to Stay.  Both versions are in the key of F.  One is designed to use the V-2 chords (Ted's chord Voicing Group #2) on the middle 4 strings; the other one is for the V-2 chords on the top 4 strings.  Ted only wrote the letter name of the chord above each diagram.  The student was assigned to write in the chord flavor.

I've also attached my compilation pages that combine Ted's original chord diagrams with a lead sheet.  I took the liberty to add the full chord names in red.  If you analyze the chords of each study, you will see that Ted took the same notes and provided two ways to play them on different string sets.

Ted's Original Lesson sheets
OurLoveIsHereToStay_Ted GreeneCompingStudyV2Mid_91-08-23.pdf
OurLoveIsHereToStay_Ted GreeneCompingStudyV2Top_91-08-18.pdf

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons
OurLoveIsHereToStay_Ted Greene_Compilation_V2Mid_p1.pdf
OurLoveIsHereToStay_Ted Greene_Compilation_V2Mid_p2.pdf
OurLoveIsHereToStay_Ted Greene_Compilation_V2Top_p1.pdf
OurLoveIsHereToStay_Ted Greene_Compilation_V2Top_p2.pdf

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