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  I'll Remember April - Harmonized Melody  

Ted Greene Harmonization Study - July 8, 2000
Harmonized Melody: Jazz Piano and Orchestral ‘Cues’
Compilation pages by P. Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheets

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons

This is an interesting lesson page from Ted. In it he examines the first 4 measures of “I’ll Remember April” and harmonizes it with some advanced chords, like a jazz piano player might do, or as might be written for an orchestra.

Most of the chord are 4th stacks or tritone plus a 4th, with the melody on top. A lot of them are located above the 12th fret, so it’s gonna be pretty challenging if you’re playing a classical guitar or a non-cutaway. Because these chords are harmonically a bit “slippery” I didn’t attempt to put names on a lot of them. It’s all about the moving lines rather than a progression.

Ted offered a variation to example 1 and 3, which I’ve added the variation as “example 1.5” and “example 3.5”. All the examples are in the key of D. As a bit of homework, Ted would probably encourage the student to write out the rest of the song using similar harmonic structures. In addition, you might find it useful to transpose one or two of these examples into the key of G (or Gb or F) and then try to insert it into one Ted’s other solo guitar arrangements of this tune.

I hope these compilation pages help you to better understand Ted’s lesson.

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