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  I'll Remember April (Key of G)  

Ted Greene Arrangement - August 17, 1983
“Basic Ensemble Harmonized Melody Style (top strings)
Compilation pages by P. Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheets

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons

In August of 1983 Ted wrote out several pages for the song “I’ll Remember April.” He did two “Ensemble Harmonized Melody” versions on August 17. The first one is in the original key of G, and Ted uses the top 4 strings (primarily) for his chords. The second one is in the key of Gb, and is almost identical in the voicings, except that he used the middle 4 strings for almost all of the chords (there’s a couple of exceptions).

Both of these arrangements were designed for playing in an ensemble situation—say a trio or quartet, even a duo with a bassist. The chords are not as full and lush as Ted’s “normal” solo guitar arrangements. There’s little or no bass lines or inner voice movements. Some of the chords here can work well as chordal punches. As usual, Ted didn’t include the chord names, so I’ve added them above the grid diagrams. In a few places I’ve added (in red) some of the melody lines that he omitted. Feel free to add some right hand arpeggios or other rhythmic variations to give the chords some life.

Be sure to learn the lyrics of the song—it will help you to become friends with the song and will allow you to interpret it better.


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