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Ted’s Arrangement, with compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheets

My compilation pages, changes and comparisons

Here is Ted's arrangement of the Beatles' "If I Fell" combined with standard notation. Also included is the original sheet that is already posted in the "Tunes" section of the Lessons on this website. Originally in the key of D, Ted transposed it to B, then modulated up to D for the final verse. (Of course, the intro. of the song is a half-step lower than the rest of the song - a very clever and daring move for pop music at that time!)

Ted's arrangement is primarily an "OUTLINE" - which means that the chord forms are there, but much has to be added by the player. Here's what he wrote at the top of his original page: "Solo Guitar in Outline Format: You have to add the missing passing melody tones to stitch all this together. Also, right-hand filling seems a must if arrangement is to be played 'in time.' Also, right-hand 'delays' of some notes."

Ted didn't write the names of the chords on his original sheet (this was the student's homework). The written chords and melody are from a Beatles chart which I transposed to B for this compilation. I purposely didn't write in the names of Ted's chords - that's for you :-)

The way I've been doing these compilation pages is to place the "standard chord changes" just above the melody but below Ted's chord grid boxes. I reserve the space above the grid boxes for anything Ted's wrote as far as chord symbols. Hopefully this allows one to see Ted's re-harmonization process, and gives you the "basic structure" for perhaps making your own variations.

One correction: In the 3rd measure of the intro. Ted wrote a Bb chord with the melody notes D to Bb, but it actually should be Bb up to Bb. I corrected this on his diagram for the compilation page. In the 3rd and 4th measure of the verse (and other similar repeated places) its a little confusing as to exactly what Ted intended with the chords and melody - as he said, you'll have to add the notes as needed. If you follow the melody it works fine. At this spot, he wrote on the C#m7 chord: "Lingers here, or use F#11 1/2 way thru."

On page 2, it was necessary to repeat the Em chord diagram which is at the end of line 2 to also be the first chord of line 3 (the first time for the chord, the second time to play the melody notes). In order to make navigation easier I simply wrote out the repeated sections of the song - it now reads straight from head to toe. Also to note: Ted does an octave jump with the melody in a few places - most of the time at the beginning of a phrase, but there's a couple of times where he does the jump in the middle of a phrase. There's 3 variation for the final 2 measures. I stacked the grid boxes of the options above each other. This is a fairly easy to play arrangement that I think you'll enjoy. I hope these pages makes the arrangement easier to follow and learn.


** Song Fragments
Ted often wrote down his ideas for short passages of songs - little phrases that could be used in an arrangement, or ideas for different treatments, reharmonization, etc.  Barbara has collected many these ideas and called them "Song Fragments."  She sent me a page that contains 2 song fragments for "If I Fell."  The first "fragment" is a very jazzy treatment for the ending phrase in the key of B.  The second one is a pretty simple version of the intro. in the key of C (though it starts in the key of B).

Attached is the original "Song Fragment" page, plus a compilation sheet in which I added standard notation along with Ted's grid boxes. On the first example I added the chord names with the exception of a couple that didn't seem obvious to me...perhaps someone could suggest names for them?  I'd also appreciate if someone could double-check my chord spellings in the notation.

The second example was written in 1982, so this predates his full solo guitar arrangement from 1988.  The "jazzy" example is from 1989, so this came later. I'm sure he could have written a hundred different versions!

-- Paul

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