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Ted Greene Comping Study 1979-07-21, updated on 1983-12-06
(Top 4 Strings using forms from both V.G. #1 and V.G. #2)
And... Ted Greene Harmonization Sketch 1988-07-11
Compilation pages with notation by P. Vachon

My Compilation Page

In this accompaniment study Ted focuses primarily on using chord from his V.G. #1 and V.G. #2, and only for the top 4 strings.  (V.G. is what Ted called his chord Voicing Groups.  He later simply called these chords V-1 and V-2.)

There are a lot of close-voiced “stretch” chords that you’ll need to work on a bit in order to play them smoothly, but most of the chords are pretty easy to play for intermediate level guitarist. 

I’ve combined Ted’s diagrams together with a lead-sheet notation (with lyrics and “standard” chord changes) so you can see more easily how Ted’s chords follow the song.

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Ted also wrote four “harmonization sketches” for a couple of phrases of Autumn Leaves with some very different harmonic treatment.  These examples are in E minor, so if you want to incorporate them into the comping study or with Ted’s chord-melody arrangement you’ll simply have to move them down a step.

Ted didn’t include any chord names on this page, so I added my interpretations in red ink.  I also added two diagrams of “follow-up” chords that he indicated to finish one of the phrases.  I’m fairly sure that the voicings I added are what he intended.

I hope these compilation pages help in learning these chord moves from Ted.



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