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  All the Things You Are (Basic version)  

Ted Greene Arrangement August 3, 1977
Compilation pages by Paul Vachon

Ted's Original Lesson sheet

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Here is Ted’s “basic version” arrangement of the classic tune by Jerome Kern.  Ted wrote it in “outline format” and added the comment:  “You’ve got to add a melody note here & there.”  If you know this tune well you won’t have any difficulty in adding the missing melody lines, but if you’re unsure then simply watch the notation of the lead sheet and adjust accordingly. 

This arrangement works well for a band situation, in contrast to Ted’s “advanced version” which is better played as a solo piece, but you can also play as this version solo.  There’s plenty of space on many of these chords, so you can spice it up a bit with arpeggios, “delays,” or by adding some moving inner lines, single-note fills, etc.  Use the chord forms as guides and then springboard into your interpretation.

You’ll notice Ted added slash marks at the bottom of each chord diagram to indicate the duration of each chord.  Often I remove these marks in my compilation pages if they seem to clutter up the grids, but in this case I left them alone. 

P.1, line 2:        For the G7 chord I guess that Ted would have us lift the little finger to play the B note, and then again for the F note. 

P.2, line 4:        I added a Bbm7 chord (in blue ink) to follow through with Ted’s inversion move there.  It sounds even better if you add a Bb bass note (on the fifth string) to the Bbm9 in the next measure.




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